Tuesday Tip: Bokeh

I just love Bokeh! It’s those Dreamy circles of light in the background that create a feeling of magic in an image!

It is also something I have wanted to do for a long time {but never dared}… for those who wanted to know what Bokeh is… my Mac gives the following definition:

But Bokeh is basically when you get a sharp focus area in the foreground, and you have dreamy light shapes in the background…And I DID IT!!!! Whoop Whoop… I got inspired by the i heart faces post on bokeh… plus they tell you how to do it!!! and it’s really easy…


I went for the simple option…

1. Have a very sharp lens on your camera – and take your f-stop as low as you can… I used my 50mm f1.4 lens – at the f1.4…

2. Focus on your subject

3. Click (the sharper your lens – ie f1.4/ f1.8 (maybe even 2.8… sorry haven’t tried a 2.8) the easier it is to shoot in low light + you’ll get more depth of field (ie blur) which helps this shot).


And then I tried one with the foreground in Bokeh…

I haven’t tried a shaped bokeh… I’ve seen hearts and snowflakes look interesting… and it’s also fairly simple to make… all you need is black cardboard… if you want a tutorial – check here

and if you’re wanting more inspiring examples… check here



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