What would your super power be?

It’s 9am, and I’m standing with a group of my colleagues… Thinking about skills I’ve built recently… And am creatively trying to link these skills to a super power, super hero name and action… Of course I revert to photography… And considering the fact that I’m in love with depth of field… My superhero name is…

Wait for it…


Catchow!!! Yes… I haven’t had coffee yet, so the name isn’t perfect…and actually… it’s really hard to pronounce {so my colleagues found out}, but I decided to roll with it!

For some of us… Our superpowers are easy to identify… Especially when we’ve invested so much time into them… For others… We need to do a little digging before being able identify the skill and unleash our superpower!

But skills are something we all have… Whether its photography, art, baking, people orientated or excel… What’s skills do you have? And are you turning it into your superpower?

When reading the book outliers (thanks Malcolm Gladwell – you rock!!!)… I was struck by the fact that successful people attribute a large part of their success to the amount of hours that it took to build their skills… It’s been said that 10 000 hours of practice is the magical number.

Yes… I said 10 000 hours… Thats a mountain-load of practice!!!

So, if (like me) you start your skill as a hobby… And you’re putting in 2hrs a day… You would have mastered your super power in 13 yrs!!! If you are lucky enough to be working on it 8hrs a day, it would only take 3.42 yrs!!! The point is that the key to mastering your skill is practice!

I can attest to it (on a very small scale)… Because in the last 4 years, my photography skill has developed radically… But the biggest shift I saw, was in 2011, when I took on my 365 challenge! The reason… I was practicing every day… It’s as simple as that (ok… It helps that I have a creative eye too… But talent is only the first step)!

So many new photographers want to know the “secrets” of the professionals… Just the other day a pro photographer friend of mine was asked as to which equipment she used! The thing is… Your equipment is only one variable… You could have the most expensive equipment, and not know how to use it… Similarly you could own a really beautiful pot… And because you have no cooking skills – you’d find that you burn everything! So no, the 5D (or 50D for me right now) as a piece of equipment, will not solve a lack in skill… Practice (on the other hand) will!

So here’s cheers to practicing our superpowers!