Dip into most forms of social media on a Sunday night… and it will be sprinkled with a ton of: Oh No! Tomorrow is Monday! comments. I have often caught myself blaming the ills of the day on Monday. Poor Monday… it’s got such a bad rap!

InspiredbyemmaSo… I knew that I needed to change the way that I think about Monday… after all… why can’t it be just as much fun as Friday… my day is what I chose to make it… right?

So here’s my new social experiment…

Let’s do something to make our Monday a little more interesting, fun, and enjoyable… let’s consciously DO SOMETHING to make it more pleasant. And no… you don’t have to bunk work to join in on the fun… but you can do something little to put a smile on your face (or someone else’s).


Make my Monday: 001

So… kicking off my first “Make my Monday” – I spotted this French Vanilla iced coffee [which was just the coffee fix I needed on a hot day] whilst in woolies, and it sparked a whole french theme… so adding one of my favourite treats from when I was a kid – Damascus Nougat… and some beautiful stationery from Typohow could today NOT be a great day??? Right???

"Make my Monday" by Inspired by Emma

“Make my Monday”
by Inspired by Emma


Want to join the movement?

I’d love for you to celebrate Monday with me… and join the “Make My Monday” Project!  It’s all about looking for the good in your day… and wont take long (only 3 simple steps):

1. Find a way to make your Monday more happy – it could be a simple chocolate, giving something to someone, doing a little good, sending a happy note… whatever!

2. Take a photo – No professional camera needed [Phone camera’s are just as awesome]

3. Upload it onto your fav social media [Facebook, Instagram or twitter] & tag it with #makemymon