Every now and then I stumble across an app… and I think



“Paper” by Fifty Three is a creatives ideal space… essentially its a drawing, sketching, designing, note taking app for your iPad… where you draw on online moleskine pages… yes… you can turn them into images, email them… or print it as a moleskine book.

You can also get inspired by what other paper users have created… and my mind is bowled over!!!

You know what… I don’t think that I’m going to explain it properly… let me rather just let them explain it to you.

Isn’t it fricken awesome?!?!?!

Whilst my focus was to find a tool to create storyboards for the business stories I’m capturing… this has stretched my imagination… and inspired me to sketch, draw, and paint… which is all a little crazy considering the fact that I didn’t really believe I could draw.

Alas… I proved myself wrong…¬†Check out my ¬†initial creations:







Go on… give it a whirl… be inspired!

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