Whilst growing up,  I wasn’t the typical bookworm who spent every waking hour devouring books… but I do love reading, and have been known to find myself still awake at 1am – engrossed in a book.

The kinds of books I read?

Well… my taste varies… although, I think that the thread that weaves them all together, is the stories they are laced with… whether I’m reading stories about business… or a trilogy with multiple stories of fiction rolled into one.

So when asked to pick one favourite book for 2013… it was a tough choice… so I thought I’d give you two of the books that really got me thinking [about life and business].

Start something that matters [Blake Mycoskie]

 Why I loved it:

Firstly… He has a pretty amazing business story. This book was just the right dose of inspiration I was needing… From helping me get over my fears, to inspiring me about how I can make a difference through the work I do. Plus it was filled with useful nuggets of information, that I kept finding myself going back to.

Start Something That Matters

This has started me on a whole new journey… reading biographies… the next two I’m keen to tackle:


Outliers [Malcolm Gladwell]

Why I loved it:

Outliers helped my understand myself… And it also enlightened me to the ins and outs of some of the successful people, the principle of 10 000hours, the education system… and the impact it could have on my little guy.

Outliers: The Story of Success by Gladwell, Malcolm Re-issue Edition (2009)
He has two other books that I can’t wait to get my hands on:

What about you?

– What are the books that really impacted you in 2013?

– Which books are you planning on sinking your teeth into in 2014?

Drop your thoughts into the comments section below…