I feel like the last 12 months have been a pretty wild ride.


A ride that has been filled with trips through dense forests of information… deserts of nothing and uncertaintly… jungles of crazy thoughts lashing out at me… occasional streamline swims of clear direction… a few dunking waves…  beautiful sunsets to marvel at… potential quick sand at times… an few trips down fog lane…then exalted screams of delight from mountaintops…  

… and eventually… almost a year later… a somewhat clear journey ahead!

Blog_007And I’m not writing it off to “that’s the life of an entrepreneur”… its deeper than that…

I have been journeying through the wilderness of [what I thought] pioneering a new career: Visual Storytelling
I was chatting to my hubby [who is in the architectural / building field] and I was saying that he has thousands of people who have paved the way before him… University’s, learning institutions, Company’s filled with Architects, draftspeople, and builders… There are so many people he can learn from along the way… hundreds of people who have carved it out for him.

Me… I’m figuring it all out… this has resulted in numerous titles to satisfy the question:

So what do you do?

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 4.08.18 PM

I have called myself “Chief Inspirer”, “Secret Weapon”, “Corporate Photographer”, “Photographer-that-now-does-Video-too” “Social Media Junkie [aka: Blogger”], “Consultant [and “Anti-Consultant” – because of the stigma], “Change Agent”, and “Fusion Storyteller”

… and whilst it all of the above are true…

They are components of what I do… pieces of the bigger picture… and I didn’t feel that they captured who I am… and what I offer…


“Visual Storyteller”

And then I google it [not expecting to find much], but Wham-BAM how’s this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.50.22 PM
“A visual narrative is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. The story may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.”

Right there… that’s my “job” description!!! Hahaha

So whilst I’m not entirely unique… I am celebrating this new found answer to the question!
And so… in 2014… I’m stepping into my role as a visual storyteller.

Side note: For those who have gone through various iterations of my “title”… thank you for listening, humouring me, and encouraging me through my journey!!! I promise… this one will stick for a while…