Today I got to meet Nevron… he’s one of our local shark spotters.


Nevron [and the other sharkspotters] are part of an awesome programme to try conserve the increasing number of great whites sharks that play in our shoreline… and minimise the conflict between humans and sharks.

I got to experience their services first hand this weekend…

 IMG_7564Nathan was psyched to go boogie boarding… after some serious impatience around getting into his cozie… he grabbed his boogie board [which is almost as big as he is] and headed to the beach.

It was a sunny day, and the beach was packed… but as we arrived onto the beach we realised that no-one was in the water!

It seems that a shark had decided to pop by for a visit!

Yes… there was a 5 second flinch of irritation as I gazed at a very empty beach… contemplating how I was going to explain to nunu that “surfing” wasn’t going to happen right now…

But then… as I was staring at the ocean… the realisation was that there was a shark out there… and that I couldn’t see it from where I was standing… and if the likes of Nevron weren’t doing what they do… my fun day at the beach could have had a very different outcome!

15 minutes later… our friendly shark had moved on… and everyone got to have a bunch of fun in the water… 

Want to know a bit more?

So as I was sitting on the beach, I started thinking about these “angels” who have our back… and I wanted to find out a bit more about what they do…


Shark Spotters – is the only programme of it’s kind in the world… armed with polarised sunglasses (and binoculars), these awesome peeps are placed up in the mountain where they have a good view of the bay.







And there they will be – for 5hr stretches at a time – keeping an eye out!

If one of the great whites are spotted, they make use of radio to notify the spotter on the ground – and alarm is sounded & flag changed!

Once safe again… the flag is changed, and people can go back into the water.


Needless to say – when I asked Nevron what the best part of his job was… he said it was when a shark comes into the area… because that’s when things get really interesting!

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