I was first drawn to their pretty packaging… and the name “Oh-Lief”.

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I mean… how could I not be???

But when I looked a little deeper… I found that the product inside is filled with as much love, as the design on the outside…

Want to know more about Oh-Lief?

Take a look at the video I created with them… to share how the love started [as well as a sneak peak behind the scenes to see how the product is made].

The Oh-Lief “Love story”

Ps… Their products are awesome!

… I have gotten some of that awesomeness to trial and test… and I will give you some feedback on their goodies in the near future 😉

Have you used the Oh-Lief products? Which is your favourite?

Want to know where you can get the goodies?

Ps: They have an online store… Click here

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