As I hit the share button… I cringed! I was getting real, I was putting myself out there, it was public [for Marie Forleo], way beyond my comfort zone, and it wasn’t perfect!

Was I ACTUALLY going to put this out there… in the world?

A few months back, I stumbled across Marie Forleo. She has her own YouTube channel – where she talks about  creating a business and life you love… and considering the fact that THAT has been my purpose in this last year – I was hooked.

Not only does she interview some really interesting people [Ps… I really recommend that you check out her interview with Marianne Williamson] but she also has really great insights, and is self described as:

“Part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagg”

She has interviewed some really interesting people, and shared awesome insights… and she has given me tons to think about [and do] to grow myself as a person, and my business.

Marie has created b-school… a place where she equips entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level… and I secretly dreamed of learning about the nitty gritty of business from her… Bschool would have been the perfect way to do this – and I just knew that it was out of my financial reach right now [with the Rand being so different to the dollar]

and then I noticed an opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

Immediately I had all these great ideas about what I wanted to do… how I could show some of the stuff I’m creating… it was going to be BEAUTIFUL!

But… then I saw the due date… There was practically no time to create this artwork [plus I had some client deadlines that I needed to focus on]…

So what do I do?

Do I scrap it… try again next year [who knows… maybe I’ll just try the online thing in the meantime, and if I’m able to raise enough… maybe I can invest in it next year]

But then I just realised that I couldn’t do that…

I couldn’t miss up on this opportunity.

Time to show up… get over my fears… and do it!

A side note about those fears:

I’m Visual storyteller – I help people [and companies] tell their stories through images and video – but ridiculously enough – I don’t have a story for me!

Yes… I’m the clichéd shoe maker with no shoes for her kids!

I’m thrown by which angle I should tell… and if I do it… what should it look like?

After all, people will be deciding whether they want to work with me – based on this video…

Oh, the overwhelm!

So I do nothing.

I continue creating other work for people, and hope that clients love that so much, that they want to work with me anyway.


Back to the story…

I decide that with the 30 minutes I have before fetching my boy… I will quickly [first mistake] record a video.

Let’s just say that it was 30 minutes of wasted stress… and no video to show for it.

It’s also now after 5pm – and I have to fetch my boy – aka: enter the night routine kicks in and I have missed my opportunity to submit [as cut-off was 8pm SA time]…

Whilst driving… I couldn’t shake the need to apply.

I couldn’t let this go… I really want this!

Then I thought…

Have phone, will record!

I am now venturing into the realm of “half-arsed”… but I figure…

“done is better than none”

I made the video on my iPhone… and figured I would go with “real” Emma – and hope for the best.

I rushed back home, tried to load it – but it didn’t like the format – so I pulled it into iMovie [yes… again… half-arsed and quick will work just fine right now] Whilst there, I figure I’ll pull in a few snippets of my work [in a very sad attempt to redeem myself]…

…and I share it!

But as I started loading it… It hits me…


I’m cringing as to how this will surely stuff up my online reputation… [The professional storyteller – who creates videos… and she’s using an iPhone????]

I contemplated deleting it.

But something inside said:

“Step up… take the step out of your comfort zone… welcome to the edge!”

So here is me… welcome to the edge of my comfort zone:


Yes. I have definitely moved past my comfort zone.

…as it loads, I am sending a prayer with it… that people will see the authenticity behind it… and that judgement will be held back… rather… I will be applauded for trying.

And after a night’s rest… and some time to reflect on it, I have come away thinking:

I’m really glad that I did it. I had an opportunity to I showed up… and I was real.

and… more importantly…

It got me over my fear of putting myself out there [and making video’s via iPhone].

Every video I make – doesn’t have to be a first class production… it’s ok to be real. I think I’ll do some more videos in the future [but you’ll have to sign up to my newsletter to see those – for now]

The process also encouraged me to FINALLY create my “about me” video.

But I’m still coming unstuck as to which “story” to share…

so I need your help…

What do you want to know about Emma? What would you like to see in my about video?

What do you want to know about Emma?
What would you like to see in my about video?

What do you want to know about me?


[Drop your thoughts in the comment box below]