Once a week, there is great excitement in my sons class… One of the children gets to “sell” a fruit treat to all of their classmates. Fruitseller is a pretty big thing for the kids, they love sharing their special treat with everyone.

Turns out, it’s a pretty big thing for the parents too… For different reasons though!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.00.14 PM

We have to try and come up with something interesting, creative, AND healthy (aka no chocolate dipped strawberries) that can be made en-mass (28kids), and the fruit has to hang in there till their tea time treat! So I find myself trawling through pinterest (you know how I love pinterest) trying to find something interesting i can do for his fruitseller day!

Having bought banana’s – I was wary to do anything – because bananas can go pretty miff… But then I stumbled onto a banana sandwich that used peanut butter – which got my brain jumping into gear… And so the “flower stool” came into being!


Stand the one side on a plate (so that it doesn’t go brown), and use some peanut butter and bread to “secure” the other side… And I was sorted (And super proud of myself)!!


If peanut allergies are a problem for the kids… The bread sticks well to the banana… Slightly less tasty, but it does the job (alternatively… Try some smooth cottage cheese.


I was also thinking that some raisins would have finished off the flower… But I didn’t have any in my cupboard – and so I ditched that mission.

Have any good suggestions for Fruitseller?

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