I have an ability to put an insane amount of pressure on myself to get this right quickly. I want to learn a LOT… I want to learn it quick… and master it first time round. If not… I get bored. This week… I have been struck by the fact that I need to take each moment… and really enjoy it… Enjoy the time I have!

“Take each moment you’re given… take it in and enjoy it… really enjoy it!” Emma Weise


I guess that my birthday was the initial trigger, but the main realisation came through an innocent, somewhat everyday experience in my back garden.

I was busy working – and my nunu wanted the sprinkler set up in the garden. Β 

So I obliged.

After watching him for a bit, I was itching to capture him… His Joy and sheer abandon!

I partly wanted to capture his experience of life… but I also wanted to play a bit with the light that was filtering through… and the gorgeous spray of water droplets…Β 

Whilst my son was happily playing, I allowed myself to do the same from behind the lens.


And play I did!

I decided to abandon Β the need to take a great shot… and rather… I was going to just experiment. I wanted to give myself the time to play… and then learn from it… so the first thing I did – was ditch Β “autofocus”… some would say that that was a bold and dangerous move…


and they’d be right… Look at these FAB shots of complete blurry-ness. πŸ˜‰


But through this experience [and numerous crappy images] I had something profound happen.

in order to perfect what I do… I need to encourage myself to try things that stretch me beyond my comfort zone. beyond the “safe” images that I am mastering… and allow myself the mistakes, and in return – I gain the growth.

Granted… I wasn’t trying this on a client shoot… but the good news – is that when I am on a client shoot and something happens to my focus… I’ll know how to work around the situation…because I played!

So my wish for you:

  • I want to encourage you to “play” more…
  • Give yourself time to learn new things…
  • Be ok with the fact that it’s messy and mistakes happen
  • Let Go… it doesn’t have to be right the first time.
  • Be in the moment, and look for opportunities to try – everywhere!

140226Project52InspiredbyEmmaTime001… and be inspired to grow.

I’d love to know how you grew from taking the time… and letting go [and I’m sure that the others would too] – so share your moment in the comments below.