Do you remember a time when you used to daydream?

I remember spending afternoons staring at the puffy white clouds in the sky above…

I would marvel at how my “characters” would appear before my eyes… Dragons chasing rabbits, and birds swirling around butterflies.

A whole new world would unravel before my eyes!

It was a fabulous way to stretch my mind…

How daydreaming shaped my brain

IMG_3922Daydreaming allowed me to think of different connections from the usual [and somewhat mundane] daily thought patterns.

After all… when you see dinosaurs and butterflies swirling around in the same courtyard… how could it not trigger different connections and ways of thinking! 

Daydreaming encouraged my lateral thinking patterns.

It allowed me to create connections that were not there before.

I really think that this “game” was wonderful stimulator of my abstract ability… something that sets me apart in business today.


 How daydreaming impacts business today?

I think that it’s something that we will need more and more going forward in business.

Things are changing at a crazy rate, and we need to be able to connect dots in new ways.

After all 15 years ago… cellphones weren’t around… and 5 years ago – an ipad was probably still a thought in Steve Jobs’ mind

Connecting new dots [abstract thinking] will be a critical skill for the children of our future… and yes, I’m really glad that it’s something that I can see coming through in my son.


But coming back to business today…

We know that we need more abstract thinkers.

We need to look at how things can be different, better, and geared for future success.

Yet we operate in a very different environment.

Most businesses place emphasis on  “doing” and “delivering” [which are their the critical measures] – and daydreaming is shunned and frowned upon…

Am I saying we should all stare at puffy clouds and dream days away?

Hell NO!

Delivery is critical, and I’m a big fan of getting the job done.

But business can’t just be about being operational and delivering.

IMG_2731We need to set some time aside to think.

Thinking is where the breakthroughs happen

We often think of smarter ways of doing things, solutions for the pain points we are currently faced with, and new ideas to take the business to a new level.

Gosh… can you imagine if someone spent just 5% of their day “dreaming”…

I’m talking about 25 minutes here.


How has daydreaming helped my business?

By spending 25 minutes a day [as a new business] I have had the following gains:

  • I have spent a large part of that time solidifying my brand and figuring out what I do… this has resulted in a lot more focus on how I do things going forward [and saved me many hours of guessing]!
  • I have thought through my blog plan [which is now 3 weeks in advance] – and instead of creating a “this is what I did” notes… I now share meatier thoughts like these with you.
  • I have a notebook FILLED with ideas of awesome things I can create
  • I have given myself space to help others… and by helping others think through their stuff… I have grown exponentially
  • I have created gifts, products, and ebooks…

…all because I gave myself some time to think.

How has daydreaming helped you [and your business]?