We all need a little inspiration… and whether you like your inspiration “Printed and Framed”… or “Pinned and Did”… here are 7 Quotes of mine that will inspire your creativity… Yip… 7 creativity quotes – so that you have a drop of creativity for each day of the week!



Monday is actually an awesome day… it’s your first day of a whole new week… brand now opportunities to create something awesome… pick up that brush, pen, or camera… and look for your opportunity!



If an Elixir is a magical or medicinal potion… then let your creativity be the potion you need today to solve a problem, find a new way of working, or start that project you’ve been putting off 😉



Wednesday is (kinda) the middle of the week… time to take stock and reflect on the week so far. Instead of comparing my achievements to everyone else… I need to rather be my own benchmark. A lesson I continue to learn, which is why I need to make sure that I take stock mid week… try it!



After Wednesday’s reflection on all the things I have done… it’s time to get back to doing what I do best on Thursday… CREATING! Take a few minutes to find that inner creative genius today… and Create something (anything) 🙂



The weekends are where most of us start to “live” and have a great time… so Friday’s encouragement is to go out, have a little bit of fun… for you! By taking some space, going to a new place, or interacting with others… you will be amazed at how your creativity is sparked!



Weekends are family & friends time in my world… and investing in building relationships with those I love, gives me a bit of boost needed to fuel my creativity!



As someone who tends to enjoy spending time in thinking land… Reflecting on what was is a great way to learn… and whilst dreaming about the awesomeness of what will be in my future… I need to remember that I’m still in the present… and that I also need to live in the now!


Bonus Quote…

“Take a little time to dream”

That’s my hope for you today!

That you give yourself a little space for dreaming today… to dream of all the awesome creativeness you’ll be making soon 😉

Why Not share your creative dream in the comments below!

Ps… I’ve had my creative hat on too recently…


I’m busy creating gorgeous posters from the above collection of quotes… which I will soon be selling in my online store!!!

The bonus “dream” quote [shown here] is an example of what you can expect!

And guess what…

Because I’m so super sweet / kind / generous / excited… I have made this baby free for download until the 12th

[Ps… if you were a subscriber of mine – you would have know about this last week already – best you get your butt onto my list before you miss out on anything else]!

Yip… you can have your first piece of Inspired art

[and all you have to do is download it]!!!

Pps… If you’d like this one in print… you’ll have to wait till after the 12th – when they will go on sale!


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