I grew up in the world of antiques…

My godmother was in the antique business… and I remember many warm balmy Durban afternoons watching the light create interesting shadows on the furniture that was all around me in her shop.

Fast forward to today…

A friend is now working at Coco Karoo Interiors… and suggested that I pop in sometime to see what they had in store.

As soon as I walked in the door…

Something instantly evoked the memory of years gone by…

I felt instantly at home… like I was in familiar territory… I can’t tell you which of my senses figured it out first… whether it was the distressed wood, the beautiful manequins or the smell of an older world. But I found myself completely transported, distracted, and enticed by the visual feast that was all around me [needless to say… it wasn’t long before I hauled out my camera]!

Lucky for you, I took enough pics so that you can join me in my wander down memory lane… but if you happen to be in Cape Town, I would really suggest that you pop in and take a look for yourself!



Seeing this tape measure and rugby equipment… I just had to capture it to show hubby!140411CKaroo023 140411CKaroo020

They even have “birds and boots”140411CKaroo018

This suite is from france (I think)… and it reminds me of my mum’s art deco suite [before it was restored]140411CKaroo013 140411CKaroo012

And then I got a little creative with colour [’cause I can]



And I am particularly smitten with these old papers, books and suitcases… such treasures!


and these beautiful bottles!

140411CKaroo008 140411CKaroo006Now this mannequin really reminds me of my Mum’s one… so you can imagine the memories that flooded back!

140411CKaroo002 140411CKaroo001

And my gorgeous friend… Kristen!

IMG_3235-Edit copy