It’s the little things sometimes… a post it note, a new pen to play with… or finding a nail varnish in a similar colour to one of the Pantone colours for 2014… sometimes it’s the most random things that evoke my creative genius!

I thought it might be kinda fun to share some of the pretty awesome things that are sparking my creativity this week.



1. A little “handmade by me”

Let’s start at the back… I received this “handmade by me” tea tray for my birthday… and I love the fact that it’s my two favourite colours: Sage and Pink…made by a very talented local artist: Sera Holland under the label “handmade by me”

How does it evoke my creativity?

Simple… The colour combination sparks tons of happiness in my brain!

2. Around the World anyone?

This is the latest treasure for my office [thanks Mom and Dad]… a beautiful globe from Typo [my ultimate stationery indulgence].

How does it evoke my creativity?

Yes… It really does appeal to the inner wanderlust who is dying to travel and see the world. Thinking of new places sparks all sorts of ideas.

[added to that: it is really helpful when I need to explain to my son where all of our loved ones are – especially when he has no concept of the difference between East London, Korea, and Brussels]


3. Nikki

This little chocolate bar popped up in my grocery cupboard [Mom, Dad… know anything about this one?]

How does it evoke my creativity?

Two reasons… the first one you definitely would have guessed: A sugar rush always helps creative output 😉

The other reason, is that it triggers memories of when I was a little girl, spending the afternoon with my granny, and we’d make our way to her “treat” cupboard [ok: maybe I would just bribe her in the shop… details shmetails]… and these little coconut nuggets were her best [So I have just eaten it in honour of her] – now tell me that a trip down memory lane doesn’t jar the creative thinking a smidge!


4. A grey pen!

Ok… I’m a little besotted with the colour grey… so this staedler pen [that happens to be a fine liner]… in GREY = Schweet!!!

Oh… the other good news… they brought out a pack of 20 different colours of these babies!!! I found it at Pick ‘n Pay [for the locals who are on the hunt].

How does it evoke my creativity?

Do I even have to go there?

Ok… I just want to write stuff.

Lots of stuff…

So then I find…

5. A book!

Actually someone who knows me really well, gave me the book 😉

So I can’t tell you where to get it… sorry!

How does it evoke my creativity?

Well… without the book – I can’t really write down all those awesome ideas with my awesome pen… now can I???

unless I use…

6. The post it note

I’m a huge fan of a post it note… especially when they bring them out in fun colours like these! Ps… I grabbed this pack from my local Waltons.

How does it evoke my creativity?

I mainly use post its for ideation… nothing like being able to come up with a whole lot of ideas when you use a post it.

I also like to use them to create a little order, group my thinking (I’ve chatted more about this here)

7. Washi Tape

Ok… I am truly hooked on the stuff… gift wrapping… and making pretty much anything pretty… Washi tape is the BOMB!

How does it evoke my creativity?

I mean… how can you not love zig zags in my colour… oh the ideas that are in my brain right now!!!


8. Spotted: A Pantone for Nails!

In the last 2 years, I have discovered the fun one can have with nail varnish… I usually only wear Esse [because it really works for me], but when I was in the store… I noticed this colour… and it reminded me of one of the Pantone Colours for 2014 “Cayenne” [although this one is called Coral]… so I bought it… I couldn’t resist

How does it evoke my creativity?

Really… Are we asking that again??? A pantone colour… in a bottle… to be used on nails… to remind me of the awesome colour spectrum… Creativity sparker right there!


I’m curious… what has evoked your creative genius this week?

Drop your thoughts in the comment section below!