Amazing how the idea of Coffee and ideation seem to fit so well together.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been drinking tons of coffee this week [we’ve just discovered a nespresso machine], or maybe it was sparked by a conversation with some friends about the difference between cuppacino and flat white…

…Which then sparked a trip down memory lane… Do you remember a day [not so very long ago] when a cuppacino used to be percolated [and usually burnt / bitter] filter coffee with spray cream on top [I kid you not!]

So yes… Coffee and ideas [or ideation] seemed to sit really well together.

That was until I sat down to write this article… suddenly my ideas weren’t making much sense any more.

A Disclaimer: If I’m entirely in-coherent… I blame it on the coffee 😉

So, Back to ideation and coffee… It kind reminded me of the muddy mess that sits in the filter paper in a coffee percolating machine… I know it’s going to be a good [well… ok… relatively good] cup of coffee in the end, but whilst the coffee is being percolated… it’s all a bit of a brown muddy mess.


Ideation is a bit like that…

All the ideas are chucked together like the brown muddy mess… and need to be filtered before they can become a palatable concept worth pursuing. So I thought I’d take a look at a couple of ways we percolate our ideas…

Plunger ideation

Some leave the idea to sit abit [kinda like a plunger] – and add a little gentle pressure at the end.

Which is actually what I’ve done with this article… wrote it once, wrote it again… let the idea percolate a little… and said: enough – time to get this baby out  there 😉

Espresso ideation

Some prefer an espresso machine approach… with a bit of compressing and a lot of hot water to draw out the best [and most concentrated] ideas

I like to use this approach to generate a whole lot of ideas for things I can share with you (articles, books, courses) – and then I work through which are the best / most exciting / and most inspiring – to give you only the concentrated goodness 😉

Nespresso ideation

Some enjoy a more Nespresso pod option… Ideas that are neatly packaged already – and all you have to do is press play [which is great if your idea is just right – or if someone else went through their approach beforehand].

 Sometimes I’m lucky, and an article will just leap onto the page… I love those Nespresso articles 😉

Often – If I get a little bit of help from someone else who also has great ideas – then all I need to do is to slightly tweak it and press play to make it happen – neat and well packaged rocks! 

What is your favourite (and productive) way to get your ideas from murky coffee granules to perfectly presented cuppacino’s?