I know that there are monsters in my closet… plenty of them.

They hang around at the back of my mind… each time I walk past something that I don’t use, look again at that item that should be thrown away, or notice something that doesn’t belong… it triggers a warning bell for all the other monsters that play at my conscience… I really need to declutter.

Here’s the thing… “decluttering” is not something I would normally associate with fun

[when it comes to admin… I don’t find admin fun].

I’m tempted to admit that I cringe at the thought of admin [and would rather have someone file my nails for me…cringe!!!]

That was until I saw this article about the mosters that lurk in the closet…that I realised that this could actually be a fun process.

Making Declutter a “fun” thing to do!

So I started with my medicine cupboard, and with all the illness my family has experienced… I have been trying a few options / suggestions / and potions to try and keep all our illnesses under control.

Naturally this has lead to quite a few boxes.

We often send empty boxes / random materials [like cereal boxes and egg trays] off to nunu’s school to use in their art constructions… so before I lovingly sent some of my clutter for repurposing… I thought I’d turn it into the medicine monster!


Naturally… I’m now inspired by all the other monsters that will be “popping” out of my closets in the near future… can’t wait to share them with you!!!


What about you?

Got a whole lot of clutter that’s having a fat monster party in the back of your mind?

Where are they lurking? In your closet… maybe the kitchen cupboards… or what about your stationery drawer???

What “monsters” can you make from your clutter [before chucking or giving it]??

Drop your thoughts about your “monsters” in the comment section below!