The other day I was looking for a card.

Granted, this is not a very unusual thing to do…
Except if you’re me… Because I tend to make my own cards.

But because I’m so used to making my own cards… I battled to find something I really wanted [probably because I generally like to give a card that is specially created / chosen for that person].

So after a long card “hunt”, I went in search of some blank cards or maybe writing paper.

And in my mind, I instantly went back to my collection of awesome handwriting paper… Do you remember them? They came in a pad of 30… You’d tear off each sheet… And if you bought the larny ones… They had pretty matching envelopes.

And whilst standing in the shop, enjoying my little trip down memory lane… I became increasingly aware that something had changed, and that it didn’t feel right.

I couldn’t find any writing paper!

And it dawned on me… With emails, skype and Whatsapp…

The use for a handwritten note has become a smidge extinct!

I feel like we have lost the art of writing a letter.

And sadly… Instead of exciting treasures… Our postbox’s are filled with dreaded bills and mailers…

The likelihood of a card or handwritten note are very rare

[although… now that my brother lives in Korea… I get the occasional note in the mail – like this one:].




Overcoming the mailbox blues.

So instead of being despondent about all the boring bills in my inbox… I have decided to live what I preach…

“Use a little creative thinking to make a difference.”

And I’m hoping that in my attempt to sprinkle a little happiness into other’s postboxes, maybe mine will be a little happier too!!!

How I used my creativity to make a difference

It started with my brother.


For his brothers birthday… I sent him a little postcard [because I knew that this nunu’s face would cheer him up!]

And as I stood at the red postbox… Ready to drop his little “gift” in the mail… I felt a little burst of excitement… Because I know the joy he’ll feel when he receives it on the other side!

And right there an then…

I decided the join the revolution to bring back the gift of a handwritten letter!

…and send [at least] 12 handwritten notes this year…


Let’s get writing!

Not to keep the post office in business… but to inspire each other, and make everyone’s day.

You with me?

Inspired to make some time to write a handwritten note?

Who can you inspire with a handwritten note today?

Have you sent a handwritten note to someone recently… did it make their day? Share in the comments section below!

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