I wanted to make a handmade envelope… but I didn’t want to have to find someone’s template online and find a way to print it…

Basically: I was looking for the easy way out.

Naturally I went to pinterest (where I created this board specifically for love notes)...

and this first caught my attention:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.26.49 PM

I loved the pretty paper…

and figured that I had quite a bit of pretty paper lying around…

I thought the design was pretty sweet…

and whilst I have some plans to make many more sweet seed envelopes in the future… I definitely want to make something a little bigger

but I wanted it a little bigger

Then I found it!

…and then I stumbled on this really easy way to make my own envelopes… so I thought I’d share it with you!

Ps… original article can be found here.


It all starts (very cleverly) with an existing envelope…

It’s brilliant!

Use one of your own envelopes…

That way you don’t have to download, scale, print etc… just grab one of the ones you have in your drawer!

But… if you’re lazy (like me) – I just opened mine up – and didn’t bother soaking it – after all, I don’t plan to use it again… so it’s all good!

I decided to use this christmas card envelope… because I liked that it wasn’t a traditional shape envelope… adding a little fun to what I was trying to do!


I used some wrapping paper to test out the concept.


…and very quickly realised that the paper I had chosen was a little flimsy…

… so then I went in search for some other paper… and found these pretty flowers!


How to make it:

I would encourage popping over to the other blog for real step by steps… but basically:

  1. Open up the original envelope to create your template


  1. outline the shape onto the back of the paper you’ve chosen for your envelope (I didn’t bother with the cardboard – and just traced the envelope directly onto my chosen paper)
  2. Cut it out


  1. Fold it


  1. and glue it together
  2. 140525envelope014

Oh… and you may want to use something to hold it down:)

140522envelope004 140525envelope017

I tried using this new bostik glue (liked the concept of a fine nib), but if you have a fine paper – it could come through – so careful there!

= SUUUPER Simple!

Ps… Steph – I really hope that you only see this after your birthday… but if not – know that I was thinking of you 🙂