Here’s a confession… details and I… we have a little bit of a love|hate relationship.

In my past… the “big rock” details used to really trip me up as a detail dodger – I’m more of a big picture thinker… so when details [think tax returns, mountains of admin, or very long excel spreadsheets] are placed in front of me… I feel the energy draining instantly – and I’ve had to learn a few tricks to help me “enjoy” [read: get through] these details.

But then… there are other details that really rock my world… and I thought I’d share a few of the ones that caught my eye this week:

Details in Typo:

140613june015140613june012I found myself in a typo store… literally soaking up all the details… exploring all the little trinkets and treasures…

As someone who dreams of having a sorted office [that’s pretty too], I thought I’d “invest” in these cute file dividers [and my collection is really growing!].

Bunny Love:

140613june008I spotted this little treasure at one of the stalls… and I was like: OMG… I have to have this…

I’ll tell you more about this little baby (and it’s friends) next week!

Party Time Details:

Put a camera in my hand – and I instantly focus on all the little details of the story that’s unfolding before my eyes [as I noticed when I processed pics from Gigi’s birthday:



Finding details in Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.45.00 AMI get lost in all the pretty details one can find on Pinterest…

I can pick up on the little details that either send me to design heaven – or mess with my eyes!

[I usually like to focus on pinning the ones that delight me though]

This week’s delight – were on the topic of:

Art Journalling

I love the idea of creatively expressing what you’re feeling… making art through life…

…and I’m sensing a little art journalling in my future!

If you also want to have a go at it [or check out some more inspiration] – then check out my Pinterest board [which will grow over time].

and I’d love for you to share the awesome journals you’re creating 😉

Details out and about:

photoI really enjoyed these Protea’s in Suprette… their gorgeous yellow-ness really jumped out at me…

… and I was super intrigued by the detail of the triangular leaf… so I captured this for you… glotta love me some yellow details.

and I love how they have splashes of yellow right throughout the restaurant… I felt like I was working in the hub of the World Design Capital… very inspiring

Ps… They had also had super bright pink Proteas… and I loved the extra pop of colour they gave to the place – very cool [and striking]. It was only until someone at the table next to me noted that they were dyed, that I realised it!!!

Haha… either way… just the pop of colour I needed to lift my day [considering how cold, wet and grey it was outside]!

Now those are the kinds of details I love…

What about you? What details made your week?