Reflecting on the last year of my business… I am blown away by the experience… it has been an absolutely incredible journey that I couldn’t have imagined from the outset.

Yet… I kinda did [without realising it].

Let me explain.

I was just a few short months into my business… and I decided to try a new [although pretty old school method] of visioning… it consisted of some magazines, a couple of kokis, some board, and a glue stick [oh… and a glass of bubbles for fun]!

and off I set… capturing my dream.


I plotted out 13 dreams!


I know… It’s a lot!

But the reason I did it that way… was because I was in a state of change…
There were different things I wanted for different parts of my life, and I knew that some of the aspects of the dream would change… So the idea of creating one vision board was something I really struggled with.

It just made more sense to create little boards for the various focus areas in my life.

By the end of it – I had 13 visual reminders of my dreams – individually crafted on A5 laminated boards…

What did they look like?

I thought I’d share a few of them with you here…

WARNING: Some of my dreams are pretty big… and scary… some will only come through in a few years… some may change… but this was the first step… documenting the dream:


To impact and inspire other businesses – packaging my Muse-ness in a way that people relate to (and need) and I wanted to help people get to where they wanted to go – from where they are

WOW… this has changed… from thinking that I’d be working with SMME’s (helping them with HR Thinking in their business)… it seems that my focus has shifted to the larger corporates.  And the advice I received from a friend: “It doesn’t have to be so hard” – allowed me to let go… Not restrict myself to my pure “HR” skill, and show others what I was ACTUALLY capable of. By allowing the creativity to shine, I have been working on more and more exciting projects – that I could never have imagined being paid to do…

I always get tempted to say to people that I “play” for a living… but I think that people equate that with coasting and loafing on a couch… my journey has been anything but… I have worked super hard… but the work that I do… it just feels like play… and that is incredible!

I now understand the quote: “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life”


To use my creativity (and photography) to make a difference to other peoples lives (using my camera as a blessing to others)

I struggled to capture the “photography” board – I was seeing my photography move into beauty photography (figuring it would be more of a side hobby) – but I didn’t realise at the time that it was actually just positioning me for the corporate work I was going to be doing. I also didn’t realise at the time that my creativity is not restricted to photography… but it still remains my strongest creative outlet.


To build a successful business as an entrepreneur – so that I could inspire others, see the world, and be financially free!

This is a work in progress… Whilst I have made it past my first year [Yes… first years CAN be tough]… it has been filled with incredible challenges [but I know that I have gone through these challenges to be able to help others on their journey of entrepreneurship]… but I continue to trust that entrepreneurship is my calling, and I will be able to help others on theirs [because of the learnings I’m getting along the way]. I haven’t seen too much of the world yet… that will come, I’m first working my butt off on the financially free part 😉


To use my gift of creativity to help others think outside of their box – create change that moves the world

This is an area that I have only started stepping into this year… at the time of creating this – I couldn’t understand what this would look like… It truly boggled my mind! The idea of exploring creativity with others was something that I just COULDN’T see… and only as I begin to step into this calling… are my eyes being opened to all the things I’m going to be doing in this space!!!
It’s exciting, daunting, and muddy… all at the same time!

But I also know that with each step forward… I move closer to what I’m meant to be doing… and that is all I need for now!

What I also know… is that by spending some time dreaming… I was able to create something to keep me grounded… something to remind me of my hopes and dreams… and by having them visual, I was reminding myself daily of the things I wanted for my life.

I believe that, without the boards, these dreams would have been forgotten about as I got caught up in the day-to-day of life.

So what does it take?

It takes time.

…Give yourself the time to craft your dreams
…Give yourself the time to occassionally remind yourself of those dreams
…Give yourself the time [just a few minutes each day] to do a little something, take another little step towards the dream
…and before you know it… it’s a year down the line, and you look back at all those steps, and realise that you have walked a pretty long way down the road to that dream.

What’s planned for 2014?

That’s what I’m taking time out for now… I’m in the process of crafting it, and will share more with you soon 😉

But, what I want to know… is… what is your dream? 

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