I created this wallpaper for my phone, and I loved it so much, I decided it was rude to keep all to myself… so I thought I’d share it with you.

Wallpaper to dream, learn, live

Wallpaper to dream, learn, live

I have an all time fav quote, which is:

“Dream of tomorrow
Learn from yesterday
Live for today”
– Albert Einstein

This wallpaper – is a constant reminder [everytime I look at my phone] to spend time in all three aspects of life!

Want it for your phone?

Click here: [email-download download_id=”18″ contact_form_id=”7344″] to download it!

Here’s hoping it will inspire you to dream, learn and live – as much as it’s inspiring me this week!

Ps… this was created for an iPhone, but should work for your smartphone too!
Pps… if you’re on my email list, then you would have already received it in last weeks email – but you’re welcome to grab it from here too [it’ll just mean that you’ll need to input your email addy again].