I was catching up with my folks… staring at the beach in front of us… and when I turned around… this incredible sunset was starting to unfold before my eyes…

I LOOOOVVEEE clouds, sunset… and how the light plays around with them.

This image was some serious food for my soul!

Quote: on DreamingNow that I’m at home, and spending time reflecting on the time that was, and the dreams I have ahead… I looked at this image in a new light, and it reminded me that when I dream… I need to look at the rays of Hope, the clouds of Opportunity and the vivid colours of life!

If you are like me, and need a bit of colour on your computer screen when logging in, why not download this pic [email-download download_id=”16″ contact_form_id=”7245″] to add a splash of dreaming to your screen, and give you another little reminder to…

Take a little time each day to dream… and whilst doing that – allow a bit of time for the colours, opportunities and hope to shine through!

Ps…Thanks to Bruce [aka: the brother in law] for being such an awesome and unsuspecting schmodel 😉