My little guy is in need of a little bit of a behavioural adjustment [a three week holiday have allowed a few bad habits to sneak in – technology overload anyone????]… and after a few discussions, the star chart [or reward chart] was the option we decided to go with.

As part of living my ideal life… I don’t want to be spending all my time whinging and moaning at my little guy when he isn’t behaving… and so I started to look for ways to reward his good behaviour.

But I wanted something he could see [we are both pretty visual], and give him something to work towards [rewards that were a mixture of tangible, free, experiential, and treats]

So enter the Reward Chart.

After all… it worked quite well for potty training.

But because He’s 5 [and more visual]… I thought I’d create a fun sticker chart… filled with chores, things that were easy [and more challenging] and most importantly – ways to reinforce the good things we wanted to see from him.

So here it is… a reward chart with images of what he needs to do, the stars he can earn for each day, and the rewards at the end 😉

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.32.43 AM


It’s version 1, and we are now 3 days in… there may be some tweaks before I make it available to you…

Some of the things I learnt:

  1. I have blue stickers for each day’s star, and when he gets 5… we put a gold star on the item of his choice [that way he doesn’t choose the iPad each and every time… or the other option… I could end up renting 5 movies in a week] but he got really bleak when he realised he’d have to wait 5 more rewards before having another 30 minutes on the iPad [I did mention that technology was becoming an issue… right???]… RESULT: I may need to relook the reward section.
  2. Whilst 5 stars are “Achievable” for each day, I need to make space for more stars [especially if he’s having a super good day] and an opportunity for more regular treats when he’s doing well
  3. All tasks need to be created equal. I contemplated making some tasks blue stars and some gold [ie 5 blue stars are a treat, and one gold star = instant reward]… but then he’d only work on the ones that give him an instant reward… not an ideal measurement system! So now… they are all blue stars, and a gold star indicates a reward!

Now… How have you managed to change your child’s behaviour?

Any extra tips you’ve gained from your reward charts [or other systems you have tried]?