Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.37.01 PMWhat is creativity to you?

Creativity means different things to different people, so I did a little research [or maybe I just used it as a great excuse to play around on pinterest 😉 ] to see what creativity meant to you…

I captured the essence of some of the greats, some thoughts from us mere mortals, and a few words that were on the tip of my tongue… and managed to round them up into an infographic [or A3 poster if you want to print it [email-download download_id=”17″ contact_form_id=”7242″] just for you!

Because creativity is____

always in demand

taking risks


breaking rules

forgetting rules

working within rules

allowing yourself to make mistakes

sometimes rebelling

using your imagination

intelligence having fun


Living in the moment



contagious… and should be passed on




Stepping beyond your comfort zone

getting in touch with the inspiration within

Living your passion


asking questions

Having an open mind

Thinking and Doing

an extension of our enthusiasm

Being courageous

Being brave

being curious

Being yourself

being fearless

the power to connect the seemingly unconnected

Daring to try new things

two ideas coming together

connecting things

Being original

using what’s done – better

trusting in the unexpected

making the complicated simple

solving problems


moving past boredom

adding value

not a talent… it’s a way of operating

a gift

something we learn

way of life

a habit




a drug

taking that step


Which one stands out the most for you today?