I know that feeling…
and it’s happened often… whether I was faced with a new situation [whether it was a job / task / experience]… and I just didn’t think I could do it.
Just the idea of taking on something new, would leave my heart racing, my hands clammy, and butterflies that felt like they were turning into a bat colony in my stomach.

Ever had that feeling yourself?

When you aren’t sure whether you have enough courage to take on that new “something”
So… when my lion courage is missing… here’s a little trick to overcome it.

Give yourself a little credit

Let’s take a minute and think back… think back to all the things you have already done in this lifetime…
– I’ve made _______
– My biggest accomplishment is _____
– I’ve helped______ by [or to, or for] _______
– I’ve raised _______
– I’ve earned ______
– I’ve seen _______
– I’ve been _______
– I motivated for _______ and got it!
– I’ve discovered ______
– I sold ________
– I bought _________
– I organised ______

Finding courage & pushing through

Now in all those things…
You had the courage to try something new!
You wouldn’t have been able to make /accomplish / earn / see / or discover ____, if you didn’t try something new / push yourself past what you where you were!
So, when you are faced with that new situation…
You are a courageous soul… just keep taking steps forward!

My courage list:

– I’ve made my own money in life [working pretty hard for all the things I have]

– My biggest accomplishment is starting my own business doing what I love

– I have helped create stories for companies

– I’ve raised a gorgeous son

– I’ve earned the title of a “creative” [without a formal degree in something creative]

– I’ve seen the benefits of transforming myself, my style… and finding my voice

– I’ve been to Mauritius [at the age of 30 – until then the only “overseas” travel I experienced – was Zimbabwe] although I had travelled all over South Africa by car [totalling 150 000 km’s in 2.5 years] all by myself!

– I motivated for a better camera [and spent a large portion of money on it…] and got it [then realised it was a passion, and turned it into my career]!

– I’ve discovered coffee at 32, and wine at 13! haha… true story! I also discovered it was possible to blend photography, graphic design, and HR together… true story!

– I sold my first car… without driving it.

– I bought my first home at 29 and my first camera at 30

– I organised my mothers engagement ring [and diamonds] at the age of 8!


What is on your courage list?

What new thing/s will you try in the next month?