Are you living life to the full?

Sometimes the idea of living the life your were born to live…

…seems exceptionally far removed from where you are today.

It’s almost like you’d be in two very different worlds.

The idea of getting from one place to the other…

Impossibly difficult!

Ever found yourself looking at someone who was rocking their dream career [or your dream career]… and think…

“All good and well for them… But where I want to be is soooo far removed from where I am now…”

What’s stopping you from living your life?

Fill in your blank:

“If only I had the ____ ”
[think capital… or skills… or systems… or time…]
THEN I would be able to live my ideal life!”

You’re not alone…

Most people didn’t just wake up in their dream career

For most of us…

…its been a journey.

… a work in progress.

… we also had our stumbling blocks

… but we took little steps, made little decisions along the way.

… we pushed ourselves to try.

…and [in time] it led us towards our dream careers!


It’s about using what you have today.

For me… It’s been the little things that I do today… that have helped me walk down the path to my dreams.

Using what I had… whether it was an old point and shoot camera, growing my understanding of a topic, or looking for opportunities in my “regular” job to try and do things that were aligned to where I wanted to be.

Opportunities to practice… Opportunities to play… Opportunities to grow!

What do you have at your disposal today that is aligned to who you want to be tomorrow?

So let’s take stock:

  • Want to be an artist + have a pen & Paper… Create, draw, play… and use it to do good for someone else [Art gifts anyone? maybe some beautiful birthday cards????]
  • Want to be a chef + have recipes plus a few veggies = practice your signature dishes / create new ones / cook a meal for someone else
  • Want to be a designer + and have a pen and pencil = draw [When you’re a designer one day – you’ll appreciate having a book of ideas in your back pocket] or bring design into what you do today.
  • Want to be a photographer + have a point and shoot camera = understand more about the basics of ISO and Apeture and practice on a friend
  • Want to be a writer + have a book from your favourite author – study why you think that they are great… and write something as a gift for someone
  • Want to work with children [or animals] + have an hour on saturdays = Go offer your time at an orphanage [or animal shelter]

Note… I’m not saying create stuff and keep it all to yourself…

Look for opportunities [tiny, small or big] that are linked to your calling

Doing something

+ Then… Try Giving it away

= food for the soul

Side note: Generosity has an incredible boomerang effect!

What can you use today that will be just one tiny step towards where you want to be?

Share it with us in the comments below…