I had a little eye opener about time in this last week


I like my plate full.

Each morning, I put on the super tight fitting wonder-women vest… and my magician hat… and try to squeeze the impossible into my day.

I grab a quick coffee, haul out my giant “to-do” list, and start looking for all the rabbits I can magically pull out of my hat by the time the sun goes down.

But, the reality is that it’s not pretty.

I end up rushing from one place to another, bouncing from task to task, chasing deadlines like a farmer chasing headless chickens!

But I reassure myself, by telling myself that I’m achieving things by attacking life this way.

And I do.

But at what expense?

What is all this busy activity costing me?

In a nutshell… my wonder-woman-magician-ness [aka: desire to achieve lots of stuff], is riddled with the worms of:

  • Raised heartbeats… as I try to make it through the next traffic light to get to where I need to go.
  • Wondering if 10 minutes is going to be enough to get to my next meeting, or my boy’s school, or the shops that are about to close.
  • Feeling the stress of wanting to send that last email for the day.
  • Freaked-out-ness [yes, that’s a word in my world] – as I glance at my to do list… then pouring myself a stiff coffee to get the work cranked out.
  • More Freaked-out-ness as I realise that I forgot to meet with someone, all because I was working to another deadline!
  • …and…Wonder… Like: “How-am-I-going-to-tackle-that-extra-task-I-threw-onto-my-plate” kind of wonder.

and it needs to stop.

Because I know that my drop and hop nature – not only impacts me – but it impacts others around me… my family, those who work with me and for me.


Because it is not leaving me inspired. It’s not leaving me feeling like I give my all to each task. It’s not me feeling like I’m operating out of a place of ease.

Basically… It isn’t talking to my values, and it isn’t leaving my life richer.

But what do I cut out?

This Plate of life needs a little diet maybe?

Surely something has to give?

Do I need to cut out whole aspects of who I am… Maybe take a Tim Noakes approach?

Or… do I look at how I arrange the plate…

Then I stumbled onto this video [thanks Jess]:

So… what I realised about time this week:

We went away last weekend… and it gave me some time to stop, think about how my life / time plays out… and I realised that:

  1. If I like my plate full… the chances are that my plate will probably always be full [it’s in my nature, and I need to relax about it].
  2. BUT [a big but…] I need to be more conscious about the balance I bring to my plate of life… and start with some big rocks [instead of getting swallowed up by the sand of life] 
  3. I need to remember to focus on what’s important to me… finding time to Live life to the full with what I have
  4. I don’t have to cut out the fun… the passion… the life changing and soul satisfying stuff… I just need to find pockets of time to do what I love!
  5. Whilst I’m finding pockets… I also need to allow for space in my life… to relax… and be… and let life happen!

Basically… I need balance.

So… in an attempt to rock those 5 things above… I am doing the following:

  • Work out my big rocks for the week…
  • Find people to help me tackle my big rocks [because I can’t do everything on my own]!
  • Plan enough time to minimise the last minute rush [and give myself a few more minutes to get from A to B]
  • Make a little space [and a lot more time] to do things that build ME
  • Write this post [because maybe… just maybe… you needed to read it???]!

How is your plate looking?

What are you doing differently to live the life you were born to live?