Every now and again, I need a little reminder…

A reminder that I am awesome, that by being my awesome self, I can make a little ripple of a difference in this world.

Who knows… maybe those ripples of difference can help someone else be their awesome selves!

Maybe you need that reminder too?

photoHere’s a bright reminder to download for your phone…

[email-download download_id=”19″ contact_form_id=”7248″]

oh… and…

Happy Woman’s Day!!!

[for Saturday]

I wanted to take a moment to remember the awesome women who have [and continue to] inspire me… Thanks for finding and living your awesome-ness! [for doing something awesome… and making your own ripples in this world] …and to take a moment to encourage the awesome women of our future… know that you are awesome, and that the world needs your special dose of awesome-ness!

Is it you?

Are you going to live your awesome-ness?

Do you need a little reminder of the awesome you hold inside?