Emma, I need your help…I need to make a decision…

…Should I take that job overseas? Is it going to be the right thing for me?

…I’m thinking of starting my own business… should I?

…I’ve seen another position – but it’s a lateral move [maybe even perceived as backwards], but it appeals to me more than what I’m currently doing?

Three separate questions…

but I believe that they are actually all one bigger question… which is:

How do I know if my decision was the right one?

Decisions [especially big life ones] can be super scary.

There have been times when I was faced with a cross-road… and life presented me with two options.

Both had their pros, and both had their cons.

And now I needed to choose one.

I needed to make a decision.

I figured you may have also found yourself in this spot… and so I thought I would share 3 options I use to help me when I’m faced with a decision:

1. Go with the “hut”

Thanks to the incredible wordsmith, Alexandra Franzen for sharing her super brilliant “hut” [going with the heart + gut] concept!

Sometimes, when you’re faced with a decision,

You just know which option feels right…

You feel it in the pit of your stomach and in the quick beat of your heart.

It may be the option that others would frown on… but usually… your hut knows you best.

Going with the hut has led me down some interesting paths throughout my life… and I highly recommend it!

But sometimes your hut is a little confused… in that case…

2. Just make a decision already!

In this case… I force myself to just pick one.

I will even flip a coin, draw a straw, or pick a card – if I have to

… but one option will be chosen!

But it’s what happens next that’s interesting…

Sleep on it.

[or if you don’t have a lot of time, just give yourself a little bit of room – walk away, find a new spot, get some air].

When you wake up [or find yourself in that new environment]

Reflect on your decision, How do you feel about it?

Are you happy that you made the right decision?

If you’re happy, it’s more than likely the right choice.

Not happy… then go with the other option!

[Ps… Thanks Ant for this little pearl of wisdom so many years ago… it really has worked]!

3. Ditch ’em

If both options don’t feel quite right… maybe you need to ditch them!

Sometimes… you don’t actually have to pick one option when both are wrong for you!

When faced with this situation, I suggest that you go back to the drawing board.

See if you can find options C, D or even E!

Sometimes you can take the best of the first two options…

By playing around with the concepts – you can create a brand new set of options to work with.

Something that’s Waaayyy better than options A or B!

What about you…
What little life hack do you use to help you make big decisions?

Ps… Remember you’re awesome!