When I take images, I know that I’m living my purpose.

We were away for the weekend…

I was on morning duty… and as usual, kidlet was up at 6 (the fact that I only got to bed at 1 was irrelevant!).

So I thought I’d make the most of the quiet morning…

Started off with a little bit of conceptualising…

Thinking about the business…and then as I looked up… this incredibleness hit me [it helped that this was the view right in front of me]

So I nipped out into the early morning chill to grab this slice of incredibleness!


I felt alive!

And then just yesterday, the feeling hit again.

It was a beautiful afternoon and hubby suggested a sunset cruise on his bike.

We haven’t had a warm day like this in Cape Town in ages…

So a beautiful 25 degree day needed to be taken advantage of.

So hubby and I dropped kidlet with his cousins, and hopped on the bike…

The aim: riding into the sunset!

As we were cruising along the coast…

I looked at the horizon, and and that urge to pull the trigger hit me hard!

Luckily hubby sensed it [ok.. Maybe the gorgeous sunset smacked us both in the face]!

As I stood there, looking through my viewfinder, this little story started to unfold in front of my eyes… sun, boats, and the mountain… perfect!

and in that fleeting moment, I pull the trigger!


I’m at peace.

I’m doing what I enjoy!

I’m happy!

That is what living your purpose feels like… and that’s what I want to do more!


…oh, and for those who are curious about what it was like [on the back of the bike], then this is for you [ a little video I took… So you can join the ride 😉

Ps… You want the image printed above your fireplace? Then the good news for you – is that I just opened my Etsy Shop!!!!