I started watching a new series this weekend [and stopped – because it was too fricken scary] – called The Escape artist. About a talented Lawyer… at the top of his game… rated No.1 due to his ability to win cases.

Which got me thinking:

Some people just have it.

And there are those who don’t.

The average club.

Granted… they try really hard… but they just don’t have that x-factor.

The natural sumpt’n Sumpt’n that distinguishes Mr incredible, from Mr. average.

Here’s what I think about it:


I think that Mr. Average – may be average because he hasn’t found his river yet..

He [or she] is climbing a tree… instead of swimming free

It is a very sad life to live.

It’s hard

It’s frustrating

It hurts… often.

So find your pond… your river… or your ocean…

Find your genius… AND SWIM!!







Ps… try this exercise to get started on your purpose