There are so many people that inspire me… and I get really inspired when I read about what other people are doing in the world. That’s what sparked this new section to my blog… I want to share some of the stories behind the awesome everyday peeps like you and me, who inspire others in this world… and to start the “Everyday Inspirers” interview section… I figured I would put myself in the spotlight [Eeek!!!]


So let’s kick off…

Q. How are you serving the world?

A. I am inspiring people to live the life they were born to live [on this lovely little space on the web], and I also work with corporates – to help them engage, attract and retain their employees through creativity – over at FreshSage]

Q. A quick recap of life before you found your calling

I grew up in corporate HR… I always knew that I wasn’t your cookie-cutter HR type, but figured that I added a lot of value because I was “different”… As I progressed through my career, I found myself more and more frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t doing enough of what stirred my soul

Q. What was that Tipping point for you – that led you to make the change?

A. I paused, looked around me… and saw the positions that were my next logical step [and long term goals] and I was not inspired by it.
I knew that this career – wasn’t me.
I knew that if I didn’t make the change now, I would be walking down a path that actually just didn’t make sense!

Q. What did that moment [or moments] feel like?

A. The moment when I decided to pursue my calling [properly] only came later. Initially I thought I would “play it safe” and offer HR thinking to smaller businesses who couldn’t afford a full time senior HR thinker = Mistake No1.
But the more and more, the work actually stemmed from my creativity.
and it was when I decided to create the title “visual storyteller” that it all clicked into place… I felt a deep-seated sigh of “Yes… I’m a creative, and I can make a living doing what I love”, it felt incredibly humbling – and left me feeling privileged… I eventually understood what others meant when they said – “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Q. Can you tell us about the little things you do, to keep inspired/creative?

A. Drink lots of coffee and wine.

Ha…Kidding [kinda]! I think that I have little reminders everywhere… to encourage me to step beyond my comfort zone, live my purpose… and play more!

Sometimes inspiration hits whilst I’m having some downtime with a DVD, sometimes it’s watching how my kidlet manoeuvres life, and sometimes all it takes is a walk in our hood, or a coffee at the local coffee shop.

Nathan and I

Q. What is the single biggest life hack [that has saved your butt/given you your life back – over and over again !]?

A. The golden hour [not the photography one, the productive one]… Instead of using the first hour of work to check emails [thanks Tracey]… I use it to knock out some projects… and I find I achieve so much more. That and writing down my top items to kill that day is a real game changer!

Q. When times get tough, how do you overcome fear and self doubt?

A. I recently noted a few things that I had achieved… and in times when I doubt myself… I go back to that list and remember that if I hadn’t tried something new – I would have had those achievements… so life is worth pushing past the comfort of your boundaries

Q. If you met yourself in 5 [or even 10] years from now… what would your life look like? what would you be doing?

A. In 5 years… I’m 40… you’ll find me running a successful business – one that has given me freedom to be… I’m not tied to one location… as my family are a bunch of explorers.

I still see large consumption of coffee [and some more bubbles and cocktails in exotic locations too 😉 ]


And lastly…

Wallpaper to dream, learn, live

Wallpaper to dream, learn, live

The quote I live by:

“Dream of tomorrow
Learn from yesterday
Live for today”
– Albert Einstein

I’m looking forward to sharing a few more inspirers with you over the next few months…

My question to you… are there any other questions you’d like to ask?

Or people you’re inspired by?