Be the change…

20140926-235547-86147693.jpgTo me… it means

That if I want my dream to come alive…

I need to face the [sometimes] hard fact that wanting something is not enough!


  • Saying that I want to go to Italy, won’t mean that I’ll magically find myself there…
  • Wanting to be a lean, fit running machine, will not turn me into a runner
  • Enjoying the idea of being a surfer, will not make me get into the water [or get rid of my fear of sharks]
  • Wanting to capture a light trail, won’t mean that I’ll take the time to set up my camera under the stars one night
  • Wanting to be more creative [or be known as a creative muse] does not automatically make me the expert in creativity
  • Wanting share how I have changed the world in a TED presentation, will not just magically happen

I need to do something.

I need to “be“.

I need to take the steps

take action

And do something about those dreams…

I need to make the change.

I need to buy the ticket to Italy, put on some running shoes [and actually use them for what they are intended], climb into a wetsuit again and go for a surf, make an appointment with my camera [and some beautiful stars], do more creative things, and actually do something to make a difference in our world [and maybe work on my public speaking].

See… A dream is wonderful… But if we don’t act on our dreams… They can turn into somewhat of a nightmare.

A case in point:

With my anniversary coming up, this became more and more evident.

You see, before hubby and I got married, we happened to watch “under the Tuscan sun”, an completely fell in love with the idea of making our first trip overseas together… [wait for it]… to Tuscany!

So when we started planning our wedding, Tuscany was where we wanted to spend our honeymoon.

Unfortunately, both of us had just started new jobs, in a new city… And there was no opportunity to take time off… But we kept the dream alive… And extended our dream honeymoon to our 5 year anniversary.

Well… We have been married for 12 years.
And I still haven’t been to Tuscany.

The dream honeymoon started feeling more like our nightmare…
The thorn in our side…

It’s still something we dream of doing… but now it feels more like an obligation that we just don’t make enough effort for, writing it off because there have always been other things that have taken priority.

Well, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

The truth is that I didn’t make my dream a priority.

In thinking about it the other day, I could have taken a page from my younger sisters book…

Saved, bought the ticket, saved some more to pay for the rest of the holiday.

Instead, I instantly shrugged the trip off – as being too expensive.

Making the dream come alive.

The one thing I have learnt in making any of my dreams come to fruition, is that it doesn’t usually magically unfold before my eyes.

There [usually] isn’t a magic wand at play, and it does require a few things from me.

It’s a journey, and I have seen a bit of a process at play, so I thought I’d share it with you…

1. Get Clear

Get clear on my dream [think clear picture, smart goals with dates]

I need to really WANT that dream to become my reality

2. Intentions

Get intentional about the dream…

If the dream Tuscan trip is the goal… What are the first things I need to do?

Here is where I map it out, and start putting some goals in place.

This is also where I sometimes get a little unstuck, overwhelmed, daunted and disillusioned… watch out for this.

3. Working back

Once I got over my fear…

I get back to those intentions… and start working back.

First up on my Tuscan list… would be to buy that ticket [because then I’m really committed]

To buy a ticket – I need to do some things to raise that capital.

4. Putting things into action

It’s all great to have a list of intentions that have been worked back, but now I need to start putting things into action.

i.e. get off my butt, and actually do something towards that goal, it could be opening a 32 day account, researching prices, or sacrificing something so that I can add those first bucks to the travel jar

5. Work the plan

So I took the first step… great!

But making the dream come alive, requires that I continually work at it, each day.

Have my visual reminder each day, sacrifice where needed and work the fricken plan to make it happen!

and if I want the dream badly enough, and continue to take steps towards it…

In time… I do get there!

and I wake up with my dream being my reality.


What about you…


What is one goal in your life that you need to stop talking about… and start doing?

What is the one thing you can do today, to start putting that goal into action?