What is “Everyday Inspirers”?

There are so many people that inspire me…From Steve Jobs who put a ding in the universe, to everyday peeps who [by living the life they were born to live] are creating ripples or waves in this wonderful world we live in! I get really inspired when I read about what people are doing, and maybe even more inspired when I hear where they came from [or how they started], their tips, tricks and life hacks… and other inspirational bits of info. That’s what sparked this new section! I want to share some of the stories behind the awesome everyday peeps like you and me, who are doing really great things!


Let’s meet Jessica…


I shot Jessica’s store for Cirque Magazine, and was really intrigued by her world of tea… during the shoot – I came to learn more about her journey – and how she made the change towards living the life she was called to live… one that included lots of tea – and a gift of helping people through tea. I was inspired by her, and thought I’d ask her a couple of questions…

Q. How are you serving the world?

A. I have the honour of purveying the most magical, healing, tasty and soul-stirring plants from around the world, in the many forms of tea.


Q. A quick recap of life before you found your calling

A. Bound to the soulless, chained to a desk, a puppet of capitalistic manipulation aka. the TV commercials industry.

Desperately unhappy and the furthest from my truth.

At the same time, it was all part of the magnificent orchestration that informed my process and gave me many tools.

Were it not for that experience I would not have woken up to this path

Q. What was that Tipping point for you – that led you to make the change?

A. An inability to find joy, purpose, drive, creativity or soul in any part of my working day.

I had the realisation that I was required to dedicate the majority of my life, with no guarantee on how long this life will be, to something that fulfilled a material end only and not a happy one.

I could not envision spending these precious hours contributing to something that was not an expression, exploration, or experience of my highest passion and inspiration.

Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination

Q. What did that moment [or moments] feel like?

A. relief, freedom, hope, infinite possibilities, frightening, alluring, exciting, inspiring, expansive, gratitude, love, compassion, happiness.


Q. Can you tell us about the little things you do, to keep inspired/creative?

A. I begin the day with a pot of tea, a mindfulness ritual that brings me to myself that I can better surf my day.

Tea is my inspiration, it is my creative outlet, it is my passion, it is my greatest teacher, biggest mirror and closest friend.

I am its humble servent.

It keeps connected to my intuition and brings me back to myself.

Everyone has that thing, whatever it may be does not matter, mine just happens to be tea, and I am so grateful these ancient wisdom plants chose me..

Q. Who are your favourite everyday inspirers?

A. Tea allows you to share worlds; I am inspired by the people I meet every single day.

Tea has taught me to be quiet, to observe, to listen.

In sharing you get to learn so much from others.

Everyone has something to teach you.

It is humbling to be constantly reminded of that.

Q. What is the single biggest life hack [that has saved your butt/given you your life back – over and over again !]?

A. Taking time for tea. Seriously!

I know it all comes back to tea, but there is a reason it has been revered for over 4000 years.

Taking the time for tea means taking time for yourself. Something we rarely do these days.

If we are constantly moving to the future, or obsessed with the past, we never get to experience the present, and the now is all we have


Q. When times get tough, how do you overcome fear and self doubt?

A. I make a pot of tea. The meditation of making a pot of tea calms my mind, and harnesses my thoughts.

Our thoughts create fears and self doubt through irrational, ego driven tendencies. It is our thoughts that run our mind, determine our actions and succumb to the body. They are ruthless and untamed.

If we can harness our thoughts by observing ourselves, which we attain by bringing awareness to our actions, we can become an active participant in our experience.

Just this simple shift of focus changes everything.

The breath slows down, the heart rate drops and the thoughts calm.

Then the act of drinking tea, in its beautiful process is complimented by the chemical effects that are scientifically proved to calm the body, focus the mind and invigorate the sense.

From this place of thoughtless awareness I access a foundation where possibilities are infinite

Q. If you met yourself in 5 [or even 10] years from now… what would your life look like? what would you be doing?

A. My hearts calling, expressing my deepest passion and exploring my inner most creativity.

Q. The quote I live by:

 A. There are so many! but the one most relevant

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the earth revolves. Slowly, evenly and without rushing toward the future. Live in the actual moment. Only this moment is life.” _Thich Nhat Hanh



Did you have any aha moments whilst reading this interview?

I was reminded about the importance of taking some time to be present, even when I’m enjoying a cup of tea.


Ps…And because I’d love you to enjoy one of her special brews… I’m going to select one lucky reader who will get the Bush Doctor blend.

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