It was decided… we were going camping.

Seeing as though the boys had their bicycles, fishing rods, and braai utensils packed…

I thought it was only fair for me to pack my toys too!

So, I used it as the perfect excuse to try out a lens.

Side note: It’s always great to be able to rent a lens before you add it to your wish list
[and the 100mm macro lens has definitely been added to mine]

I’d had sensed that Macro would appeal to my photographic style, and I couldn’t wait to experiment with it.

After all… it was on my creativity bucket list!

Aka: perfect excuse ;P

So… we reach said campsite [ps… this is what it looked like]


and as soon as I could… I grabbed camera and started exploring.

A new world opened up for me…

I found myself marvelling at the details in the tiniest of flowers [these were pinkie sized]

141003ETSY002 copy

I very quickly advised hubby that I was in love… No, it had nothing to do with him… and yes, he was going to be in trouble!

Working with a Macro Lens was different to my usual 50mm… so I thought I’d share a few of the lessons from my experience:

1. Just the slightest lean!

I mean it – the SLIGHTEST lean, breath, or movement… resulted in the shot being out of focus!

Lesson: Next time – take a tripod!


About that shallow!

I love me some shallow depth of field… but what I found when I pulled the images back onto the computer, was that when I shot too shallow [F2. – 2.8] on a macro – it can make for some bizarre shots.

There are a couple of shots where the aspect I really wanted to be in focus – was waaay too blurred…

Lesson: So I’ll practice on a higher F-stop next time!


Leaning in…

I’m so used to my 50mm…

I instinctively know the distance that I need to be from my subject in order to get the shot I want.

By changing lenses… it put me right out of my comfort zone…

Lesson: Lean in… and keep pushing beyond the comfort zone 😉

141003ETSY001 copy 141005ETSY021

Get focused!

There were times [when I went REALLY close to the subject] that the lens really struggled to focus on what I wanted to focus on.

Some of the time I used this recipe to get what I wanted:

  • Whipping it off Automatic focus,
  • Getting focused on my target in Manual focus,
  • Then clicking back into Auto focus for sharpness

but in other moments – I found it easier to stay in Manual focus to get the shot I want

Some times I would gently lean forward and press the shutter when the moment was juuuust right!

Lesson: Keep playing till you find the focus you want

141004ETSY013 copy

And the last [and most important] lesson…


Thought I’d save one of my fav’s as the last pic for this note…

and yes… it’s available in the ETSY store [plus I will be uploading more in the next week or so]