I have attended every single photo walk since 2010 [barring 2013… and I’m not too sure how I missed that one???], and each year I use it as an opportunity to just play… explore the city I live in, and give myself some “me” time with the camera.

This year was a little different…

I only noticed [very late – aka the day before] that the photo walk was happening, and when I checked out the page – I realised that my options were Waterfront, Stellenbosch or Woodstock.

All of them are incredible locations, and I was particularly drawn to the idea of exploring Woodstock…

but with hubby being away, it meant that nunu would need to come on the photo walk with me.

So I wrote off the idea.

But then I just knew I would regret not going… after all… it ONLY happens once a year, and I have been attended the walks since 2010!

So I decided to do err on the side of “Are you fricken crazy” and decided to go on the walk…

Which meant I would need to juggle camera and kid… in the super busy suburb of woodstock!!!

*Sigh! Naturally, this walk didn’t last as long as some of my other walks.

141011WWPWEdit025…and in case you’re wondering… my stress levels were a little bit high…

[although it had more to do with road safety… after all he only dropped my phone once 😉 ]

141011WWPWEdit013 141011WWPWEdit022

I still managed to achieve my objective… which is to use the walk as an opportunity to just play… explore the city I live in, and give myself some “me” time with the camera…



Although, my added focus this year, was to capture some of the textures in our city… a bit more of the grit [as well as the beauty]… as well as some conceptual images that I can utilise for articles going forward 😉


141011WWPWEdit038 141011WWPWEdit027 141011WWPWEdit026

In case you’d like to take a look at some of the pictures from my previous walks:

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2011 Photowalk [didn’t do 🙁 ]

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Oh… and in case you were wanting to see the photo’s Nathan took [unedited]:


IMG_0282 IMG_0287 IMG_0294 IMG_0298