I received an email from Andrea, who wrote

 I so love your photographs and how you interpret meaning, and inspiration/motivation through images, that I’d love to see your photographic impression of a statement Jess made… “Now is all we have.”


…and I thought… that’s a pretty fun idea!

Kind of like… “How you Inspired me” concept… and I’m definitely up for the challenge!

Side note: Want to see how I interpret /give meaning to something you’re thinking about? Drop me a mail!

And I found this image [which is quite in tune with what Jess was saying]


Life is about each little moment… when we sit for a minute and enjoy the time we have.

It was at this little getaway, where I first became acquainted with these LeCreuset Mugs.

Let me set the scene…

Early morning… the sun is peeking over the ocean to greet me,

I’m in a stunning beach cottage [styled in the shades and tones of the beach scene that was unfolding before me with the wrap around windows],

the smell of fresh percolated coffee…

and I’m holding this beautiful mug.

As I took my first sip of coffee for the day…

I found myself really enjoying the moment…

Life really did look and taste better with this mug in hand!

So I decided to bring a little bit of this memory home with me, by buying some special “morning mugs” for T and I…

Now, each morning, I enjoy being present with a fresh cup of Aeropressed coffee in my LeCreuset mug…

I get to enjoy the moment, and prepare myself for the excitement that the day has in store!

What do you do to stay in the “now” that you have?