What is “Everyday Inspirers”?

There are so many people that inspire me…From Steve Jobs who put a ding in the universe, to everyday peeps who [by living the life they were born to live] are creating ripples or waves in this wonderful world we live in! I get really inspired when I read about what people are doing, and maybe even more inspired when I hear where they came from [or how they started], their tips, tricks and life hacks… and other inspirational bits of info. That’s what sparked this new section! I want to share some of the stories behind the awesome everyday peeps like you and me, who are doing really great things!


Let’s meet Alexandra…


I have had an internet crush on Alexandra for a while now…

She is an incredible wordsmith – who continues to influence the way that I write… and think!

She has taught me to go with my hut [heart and gut], implement the Feel, Know and Do concept into various parts of my life, and has inspired me to come from a place of love when I create!

She shares brilliant little miracles on her blog; and her combination of generosity, encouragement and wit – allow these incredible laser lucid lessons to not only hit home, but encourage me to be a better person!

Alexandra… Thank you so much for taking the time to share more of who you are here with us!



Q. How are you serving the world?

A. I am a writer and communication coach.

I work with business owners, artists, healers, coaches — basically, anyone who is trying to leave the world in better condition than they found it.

My philosophy is pretty simple. Nothing revolutionary. Just something that most of us (myself included) need to remember:

“With every word that you write, you have the power to make someone’s day — or even change someone’s life. Whether you are writing for an audience of thousands or just sending a text to one person, your words matter. Be intentional. Use your power wisely.”


Q. A quick recap of life before you found your calling

A. I have been playing with words since I was old enough to clutch a crayon in my chubby little toddler-hands.

I stopped writing for a few years in my early twenties because I thought I needed to “grow up” and get a “real job.”

My “real job” made me… really miserable. So I quit. Started writing again. Five years & hundreds of thousands of words later… here I am.

Q. What was that Tipping point for you – that led you to make the change?

A. I got into the habit of curling into a fetal position under my cubicle desk and softly weeping (not a joke) after everyone else had gone home for the night.

Figured that probably wasn’t OK.

Decided it was time for a new career + a new way of approaching my work.



Q. What did that moment [or moments] feel like?

A. Scood.

(Scary + good).

Q. Can you tell us about the little things you do, to keep inspired/creative?

A. I keep my calendar exceptionally lean, because feeling over-committed chokes my creativity.

I need space to breathe.


Q. Who are your favourite everyday inspirers?

A. Fred Rogers is my #1 inspiration.

I love what he stands for (compassion) and how he operates (with grace and generosity).

I wish he was still alive.

I love that his spirit lives on in the body of work that he created…

Q. What is the single biggest life hack [that has saved your butt/given you your life back – over and over again !]?

A. About once a week, I pay a nice person $30 to blow dry and style my hair.It looks awesome for the next 3 – 4 days (until I wash it again).

This saves me tons of time in the mornings, but more importantly, makes me feel sexy and confident. This TOTALLY impacts the quality of my work. When I feel good, I write goodly. 🙂


Q. When times get tough, how do you overcome fear and self doubt?

A. I cuddle with my boyfriend, call my mom or read a good book and re-focus on the simple things that make me happy. 


Q. If you met yourself in 5 [or even 10] years from now… what would your life look like? what would you be doing?

A. Four words:

“Like this, only better.”


Q. The quote I live by:


“What good shall I do this day?” -Benjamin Franklin


Want to know more about Alexandra?

The quick summary…

“I want to live in a world where emails are short, love letters are brave and every “thank you” note is written by hand.”

…and that’s just the start!!!

Her refreshingly simple tips on writing, productivity + creativity (and everyday woes — like inbox-clearing) have been featured on Fast CompanyForbesThe Daily LoveThe Huffington Post — and on radio programs from coast to coast.

Want to connect with Alexandra?

Get free workbooks + scripts to unlock your inner wordsmith at: AlexandraFranzen.com.

Did you have any aha moments whilst reading this interview?

I find that each time I read something Alexandra’s written… I am reminded of the power I have to do some good in the world… with each word I write / or speak.

It’s also great to know that I’m not the only one who experience’s “scood” during tipping point moments; and that overwhelm kills my creativity!

What about you?