November… it’s almost here.

For me, November is one of those months where I’m kinda in limbo… in a super fast way!

You see… the change in season has hit… so the summer / christmas feeling is in the air… but we aren’t there yet.

It’s all about gearing up, getting ready, putting my last few wishes into place [only 2 months till the end of 2014], and starting to plot the year ahead.

It’s a busy time… but a strange time too!

So if you have a bit of organising, planning and general busy-ness ahead…

then you, too, are wanting to keep track of these last few days of 2014!

So here’s the desktop that’s on my computer!

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.34.51 PM


Want it for yourself?

The full version is here [email-download download_id=”23″ contact_form_id=”7240″].

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