What is “Everyday Inspirers”?

There are so many people that inspire me…From Steve Jobs who put a ding in the universe, to everyday peeps who [by living the life they were born to live] are creating ripples or waves in this wonderful world we live in! I get really inspired when I read about what people are doing, and maybe even more inspired when I hear where they came from [or how they started], their tips, tricks and life hacks… and other inspirational bits of info. That’s what sparked this new section! I want to share some of the stories behind the awesome everyday peeps like you and me, who are doing really great things!


Let’s meet Melissa…


I stumbled across Melissa through Alex’s blog, and was intrigued.

I liked her fun approach… and loved her clever ideas / thoughts / suggestions around business… and if you want to delve into some of her good stuff, you should probs start here!

I mean… here’s one for those who are worried they won’t “make it” in their industry!

Melissa, thanks for agreeing to be this week’s Everyday Inspirer… and for inspiring me and my business!



Q. How are you serving the world?

A. I help people create boutique businesses that are an absolute pleasure to run — while getting all of the publicity + sales they deserve.

Because it drives me crazy when I see people running businesses that suck the joy out of their lives.

In my world, business feels like the world’s greatest slumber party, complete with frothy lattes, girl-talk, celebrity gossip, and cuddles from my little Shih Tzu love-bundle.


Q. A quick recap of life before you found your calling

A. Stressed-out.

Face-planting regularly on the floor.

Spooning mounds of Ben + Jerries at 3pm just to get through the rest of the day.

You get the picture. 

I was running a “successful” business, but not one that felt pleasurable to me – at all. 

Q. What was that Tipping point for you – that led you to make the change?

A. I used to hide things about myself.

Things I thought people wouldn’t like or accept about me.

Like, the fact that I was an actress/screenwriter and not just an “entrepreneur.” Or that I get really, really ridiculously excited over pop culture + celebrity gossip. Or that I’m not really a “polished professional” and often talk too loud, with my Jersey-girl accent squeaking out. 

Once my secrets slowly started to slip, I realized that I was attracting people who loved me for me.
And I turned off the people who I really didn’t want to work with, anyway. 

Q. What did that moment [or moments] feel like?

A. Shocking. Like Game of Thrones Red Wedding-level shocking.


Q. Can you tell us about the little things you do, to keep inspired/creative?

A. I read a lot of erotic fiction. Because it will make you a wayyyy better writer (plus, taking 3pm breaks to read erotica and gossip about it with other entrepreneurs is totally reasonable).

I also write erotica. Or play silly games like coming up with good male names for erotic fiction characters with friends (Ridge Cockton, anyone?)
I love watching epic movie trailers and following the teaser campaigns for movies/TV shows. 
I also stalk Instagram accounts for Kate Spade, Shop Bando, and Design LoveFest because… #designgasm


Q. Who are your favourite everyday inspirers?

A. I love boutique business owners who run their biz like a total pleasure, like my girls Alex Franzen and Shenee Howard. 

I also love looking at crushworthy brands like Shop Bando, J Crew, Kate Spade, etc. 


Q. What is the single biggest life hack [that has saved your butt/given you your life back – over and over again !]?

A. Go sweat.


Nothing makes you feel better than a good sweat session


Q. When times get tough, how do you overcome fear and self doubt?

A. I use actor Josh Pais’ strategy to say “I’m Back.”

Whenever Mr. Mushy (aka: your brain) starts with the negative chatter you just simply say “I’m Back.”

It’s also really funny to do with family, friends, coworkers, etc.. 


Q. If you met yourself in 5 [or even 10] years from now… what would your life look like? what would you be doing?

A. I’ll be creating the 3rd season of my Emmy-winning drama on HBO, plus securing deals for a second series that goes straight-to-order. I’ll be like the dirtier cable version of Shonda Rhimes!

I’ll be surrounded by an intimate and totally creative community of entrepreneurs who love to get OBSESSED. 
I’ll host workshops filled with guilty pleasures (erotica readings, unlimited chocolate, etc.)

Q. The quote I live by:

 A. It’s mine but I love it!

Want to connect with Melissa?

 Take a look at her blog for more about the guilty pleasure of business… or here’s where you’ll find her on twitter!

Behind the scenes of her life? Right over here on Instagram

Ha-aaate promoting your biz — but want more press + sales? Check out her classes. (They’re unfairly fun + totally addicting. 🙂

Did you have any aha moments whilst reading this interview?

Having recently completed a course with Melissa… I am reminded that “business” can [and should] be fun, and I love how she encouraged me to inject a little more fun [and me] into my business!

What stood out for you?