I had spent hours working and reworking it… until I was happy that it looked juuuusssttt right.

In the back of my mind, I knew that I wasn’t just creating a calendar…

I was creating a way for people to afford to have 12 pieces of my art in their homes and offices.


Which is quite a special thing for me… so I instantly asked my printer to print it on archival paper… after all… I wanted only the best for you!


I sent it off to the printers, and then waited with butterflies in my stomach [like a schoolgirl waiting to find out if the guy she was crushing on, was going to call]… well… my guy [my printer guy] did call [ok… actually he emailed me]… and I sped off into the distance to see what my new baby looked like [in the flesh]!


The big reveal!

I gingerly opened the envelop… and was instantly surprised by the size…

You see… when I created it, I figured it would be A6 in size [a quarter of a piece of printer paper], instead… the 5 x 7 was bigger… and was leaning more to A5 size than A6… and because it was neither A6 or A5… the size feels special and more fine art. Nice!


Wait, something’s off…

The second I looked at it, I knew something was off.

The print was pretty, it looked polished and profesh…

but the paper didn’t feel like a fine art print.

It felt like something I’d buy in a shop.


Now what to do?

Do I leave it… and go with the print… or do I trust my hut [heart + gut – thanks Alexandra] and tell him I’m not happy.

Thankfully, they were open to chatting about other paper options… and although I’d previously wanted archival… I realised that the finish was not what I was hunting down… I wanted something that felt luxurious, handcrafted, and special.

So we printed another proof.

141109Calendar001and this time… I was happy [and even happier when you agreed with me on Facebook].

Here’s the difference between the two papers:


and a close-up of the grain and texture on the image!


My biggest lesson wasn’t around knowing paper sizes… it was to trust the hut! 

What has been the biggest lesson you learnt whilst putting your art out there?

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