It’s fruitseller time again… and a friend shared a lovely idea for nathan’s class: Banana Dolphins in Jelly!

So I thought I’d drop my version onto the blog, in case you need to come up with a fruit seller concept, and have no idea what to do!!! Hahaha


What you’ll need:

  • Half a banana per child
  • A grape per child
  • A cup / bowl per child
  • Jelly… preferably blue… [our store only had 2 blue [bubblegum] jelly’s left – so I found that Litchi jelly with a bit of blue food colour worked just as well]
  • A black marker

And that’s it… you may need to provide a spoon / serviette if the school doesn’t have!


Night before…

Make jelly, pop into cups and in the fridge [I got nunu involved in theĀ stirring of jelly]


Next morning…

  • Cut banana in half…
    • The one side doesn’t have enough space to cut a mouth – so I got nunu to draw a mouth and eyes
    • The other side – I cut a slit for the mouth – and just got nunu to draw eyes
  • Pop banana into the jelly cup / bowl
  • Then pop a grape “ball” either into your dolphins mouth… or let it bob in the “water” next to him / her



You’re good to go!!!