It took me an age to find the fun Peg to stand my little treasures on, and I was delighted with how they looked.

But the truth / background story… is that I was actually originally looking for an easel.

But I wasn’t finding one… so the peg was a funky alternative.

But my peg supplier dried up [aargh]…

Which started the search for something aaahhhhmmmaazzzinngg to display my calendar babies on.

After all… it needed to match the sass that “the peg” brought to my sweet prints!

And then I found it… miniature easels.

I was gobsmacked…

How did I miss this?

Exactly what I originally wanted

and they were right here, under my nose!!!

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that the 2015 Calendar is now being sold with an easel… to add a little french / arty / interesting decor to that very bland desk of yours [or your clients]! Ps… There are only about 40 left… just in case you wanted one!





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