What’s your new years resolution?

Eat healthier?

Stop drinking?

Cut chocolate?

I’ve never been one for resolutions that I break on the first day…

But… I have taken on projects [like the 365 photography project I did in 2009 – captured here, here, here and here]…

It kinda almost killed me… but boy did I see my photography skills improve in leaps and bounds [clearly its about practice, practice, practice]!

But I didn’t carry on with it [in hindsight… I definitely should have!!]… instead I tried monthly and weekly projects… but it just hasn’t been the same… and I kinda found myself losing interest along the way!

Now, over 5 years later, I have decide to try another 365 project!


What kind of 365 project should I do?

I ummed and hawed about what shape and form this project would take…

Did I want to do another 365 Photography project…

…what about the fact that I wanted to push my video skills…

…and I also wanted the year to have a grateful slant – what about a 365 grateful project

… and what about all the other creative endeavours I had fun with in 2014.

and so it was born…

… Creatively 365!


I need to do something creative everyday… for 365 days of the year.

Ps… Don’t worry… I’m not going mental on myself… It doesn’t have to be a complete project [i.e. a video may take a few days, and I’m thinking about more conceptual photography that’ll take planning].

I can do parts of it… but I need to do SOMETHING creative everyday and capture it on Instagram… with this hashtag: #Cr8vly365

[Hint: you may want to bookmark this page… results will be noted below 😉 or you could just sign up for my weekly love notes to stay updated! ]

Here are the results of #Cr8vly365: