I have decided that 2015 should be my best year ever!

With 365 days [umm… wait… make that 360 days – 5 have already slipped past!] I have time to do some really great things this year!

I’m realising that each year… I draw closer and closer to who I am…

It doesn’t happen by mistake… it’s because I spend time upfront thinking about what I want the year to be about… and this year, I am really intrigued to see where these 4 little words will take me…



…I’m starting with LOVE…

Because I know that good things happen when I come from a place of love.

So if I’m going to feel love this year… I need to be more loving…

Like when I love what I do… or when I lovingly share my lessons, successes, tips, tricks and interests… when I spend time loving others… and when I do things from a place of love!


…then I want to feel ABUNDANCE!

I’m looking for the feeling of abundance to permeate through all aspects of my life… whether it’s my finances [what comes in as well as what I send out]… or the daily experiences of sending handwritten notes, drinking freshly ground coffee… or having fresh flowers greet me each day, or sharing bubbles and a laugh with my bestie… cheers to abundance!

Moving to EASE…

I want to operate from a place of ease… doing more of what comes naturally, and all that is my gift…

By doing what I love and am born to do… and honing my craft… I can grow into who I am meant to be!


Lastly… I want to feel INSPIRED!

I can’t wait to feel more magic in my life… whether I’m being creative [like with my 365 project] or inspiring those I work with [like the incredible Dream + Do session I held recently]… 2015 will be filled with more people, places and things that inspire me!


What is the word [s] that you are living by in 2015? 

Let me know in the comments section below!






Ps… If you want to start your year off with Powerful intentions… then check out this little gift I made for you!