I have a love affair with Instagram… I can always rely on it for a visual feast of inspiration…

I come across so many amazing images and people doing amazing and fun things… that I thought I’d share them with you here [plus: a side bonus is that I get to remember some of the awesomely inspiring peeps I’ve stumbled across]

Whether you’re a newbie iger looking for peeps to follow, or just interested in seeing some new inspiration – this will be for you!

This months igers…


Because I’m a little focused on finding my ease… operating from the place that I’m called to operate from… I wanted to share some of the creative peeps who are doing interesting things…

More info on the TOP ROW:


The Louwdown [Left]:

I first spotted this artists bloom image – which inspired me to try something similar… but I particularly love how the text has interacted with this image.


aka_candice blends images in a clever way… take this intriguing blend…

I love how she’s created this awesome scene that is part surreal, part futuristic, and very dreamy… my mind starts working with the thought that anything is possible 🙂

Cintascotch [Right]:

This is someone I’ve followed for a while…

I love the combination of everyday objects [like the gum in this image] with his illustration. The first image I saw of his was when he used nachos chips in a hazardous sign… classic!


about that Middle Row:


Maghettastreghetta [Left]:

Another clever mix of illustration and everyday objects [usually blossoms]… and I always enjoy seeing the adventures that this little character goes on! 

 this quote on my feed [Middle]:

and I chose this quote for two reasons…

  1. I wanted a reminder to create things from MY place of EASE… aka: the things I DO WELL.
  2. I caught this glimpse of who the author: Jared Brock, and the person behind this quote [hows this for a summary: A Year of Living Prayerfully: How a Curious Traveler Met the Pope, Walked on Coals, Danced with Rabbis, and Revived His Prayer Life]


 Jinx_design [Right]:

This line design is sick!

Jinx creates some really interesting imagery too… enjoy checking it out!

[Feel free to repost the quote from my instagram feed or you can tweet this little baby]


and the last row [bottom]:


 Meghanmaconochie [Left]:

I first spotted this artist’s Nifty250 logo… and couldn’t believe she’d made it with pencil shavings… pretty insane! Love that this teacher is exploring creativity in such a unique way! 

Nadiavdmescht [Middle]:

What’s not to love… prettily wrapped gifts, some washi-tape and someone else who is reviving snail mail… made me smile! Plus… I love the concept of injecting a little prettiness back into the world!

This creative reminded me to inject a little creativity into everything I do… including sending mail 😉


 Rahulchandh [Right]:

and lastly… a reminder to keep creating…

I have been particularly fascinated by the use of text over [and with] imagery lately [you could probably tell]… and this image reminds me that my ease comes from a pretty creative place!


Have these igers inspired you? What will you create?