There is a beauty in watching someone operate from a place of ease.

It’s like when you’re moved by that incredible piece of music

or when you taste a dish that sends your tastebuds zinging… because you know that

the person who whipped it up poured their heart into it

or when you watch a naturally talented athlete in action.

Operating from ease is not only beautiful, it makes sense…

Here’s a little background into my life and my ease…

Creativity is my secret sauce.

When I operate from a creative place… people have referred to it as the “Emma Magic”…

I don’t think it’s magic,

I actually kinda think it’s as natural as breathing air…

But my “air” isn’t the same as everyone else’s…

It’s my secret sauce.

My clients know that, and that’s why they hire me to add a little secret sauce to their business.

They love the difference I can bring to the projects that they are working on.

By living my ease, I add value to their world by creating things that engage their teams…

Ease makes sense… yet we don’t always live it!

I used to operate from a very different place

[The term square peg in a round hole really fits well].

Early in my career, I had decided that being a professional in corporate was what success looked like for me… and I was driven to climb that corporate ladder.

I used to look at those who were professionally polished… and longed to be more like them.

I tried…

I bought the jackets, used their terminology, and did all the right things…

…but it didn’t feel right to me…

I wasn’t whole.

I worked hard at it, and became good at what I did… but I was never incredible!

Not like the incredible people around me.

There were glimmers of excitement in my career

[usually when I operated from a place that was more in line with who I was]

But it was hard.
and it took me a long time to make the change.

What stopped me from making a change that made sense?

I had a mountain of fears that I needed to work through.

Would I be good enough?

Would I be able to make a living doing what I love?

How would people perceive me?

Are there even clients out there for someone like me?

How the hell was I going to feed my child… and still “play” for a living???

There were a zillion things stopping me from living the life I was born to do.
But I had a life that was calling me… and that awesome life, meant I needed to be a little more fearless.

By being fearless, I was taking steps towards a life I loved
…and when you do what you love… life is way more beautiful.

Uncovering that secret… and getting to that place of ease

Finding my ease was a journey, that took many twists and turns.

and the main secret to finding your ease [are you ready for it???]:
It’s trial and error.

The secret to finding your ease, is all about taking steps towards a life you love… doing more of what you enjoy… pushing yourself.

I see it with my child
When he’s on his bicycle… the little guy is in his groove.
I can already see that it’s something he’s passionate about…
he’s out there, on his bike everyday, practicing his tricks, and continually pushes his boundaries.
and he’s having a fricken blast doing it too!

What is your next step?

What will you do today to live a life you love tomorrow?

Em sign

Ps… if you haven’t found your ease yet… why not take a look at this simple guide to setting powerful intentions… and start making steps towards that life you love!