Yes… A 365 Creativity Project!

I decided to complete a 365 Creativity Project  this year… I’m now at the end of the second week… and am starting to feel the groove of this thing!

So… What did you get up to in week 2?

on Day 8…

Day 08.Cr8vly365

I rewarded all the creative work from last year…

with yummy ice-cream waffles!

I also reworked my clients induction book.

on Day 9 & 10…

Day 09.Cr8vly365

I stretched myself way beyond my comfort zone, and thought I’d ignite the creative brain with a bicycle ride!

It worked… because on day 10 we were back again, and I was capturing more footage!

Here are some of my angel [and a few other peeps] in action:

150110IBEBLOG_Cr8vly365008 150110IBEBLOG_Cr8vly365005 150110IBEBLOG_Cr8vly365004 150110IBEBLOG_Cr8vly365003 150110IBEBLOG_Cr8vly365002 150110IBEBLOG_Cr8vly365001


Day 11…

…and I found myself inspired by a few bubbles…

Day 11.Cr8vly365

But before that… I captured my sleeping angel!


on Day 12…

I was lucky enough to catch the sun…

…at just the right time…

…as it was peeking through the trees to say goodnight! 


Day 13…

Day 13.Cr8vly365

I was inspired by this quote, and made it pretty for you… you can tweet it here:


Lastly… Day 14!

Was titled: “For the win”

Day 14.Cr8vly365

Whilst the boys were practicing their winning jumps, I was practicing my winning panning [which wasn’t much of a win… but an awesome learning]!