I had bought a book as a christmas gift to my business…
[ok… I needed to read it… wanted to read it… was dying to read it… so I insisted that my business get it too 😉].
Around the same time, I had acquired one or two other trinkets,
I like sharing my finds with friends… and we are friends… right???

1. Book: Steal like an artist

Steal like an Artist, by Austin Kleon… is a book that I wish I’d read when I first started out!

2 (and 3) Nails: Feeling Gorgeous with Essie!

Last year, I was treated to a manicure by Hello Gorgeous… They’re on the fav find list, because I really do enjoying being greeted with “Hello Gorgeous” as I walk in the door!
The Essie colour I choose: Turqouise & Caicos… is my next favourite find… I wasn’t sure about the green undertone on my skin… but Love Love Love!
Good news for you…The ladies at Hello Gorgeous have given me another manicure voucher… and I’d like to give it to you!!! [all you need to do, is: 1. make sure you’re subscribed to the list [hint: if you get my emails… you’re in] 2. Share this post with a friend [click on one of the share button below] – highlighting which of these items are your fav!!]3. Link me in your share [or drop me a note]!Simple as that!

4. Notepad: It’s a good day to have a good day

Whilst in Smitten [I wrote about it here], I found this gorgeous notepad…
I love the inspirational note on the cover, and the cute birdy on the inside…
Cheer’s to reviving snail-mail!!!

5. Sweet Treat: Rose Turkish Delight!

Lastly… I couldn’t resist this chocolate… because
1. it was pretty in pink… and
2. it was Rose flavoured turkish delight…
…what’s not to love! Thanks Woolies!